Interactive Maps

There are two primary ways to access interactive maps online — through the Map Gallery or using the ACMaps/Geocortex application. Both methods point to the same data in the County’s Geographic Information System (GIS). Data layers are updated as needed and not on a fixed schedule. Although the data is pointing to a live connection of the GIS, the related information from other County systems may only be refreshed nightly.

Screenshot of the historic aerial photo index using Photo Viewer.

Screenshot of the historic aerial photo index using Photo Viewer.

Map Gallery

Web mapping tools provided in the Map Gallery are simple, single subject applications. You’ll find panning and zooming tools, and only a couple of primary data layers. This keeps the maps simple and focused on a single topic like parcels or zoning, and great for quick reference.

Historic Aerial Photos

The Photo Viewer application in our Map Gallery allows you to click on the map and retrieve archived aerial photos that have been scanned into PDFs from various years between 1934-1989 as well as the photo indexes. Some of the sets are incomplete and don’t cover the entire County.

Note that some of these documents are quite large (approximately 12 MB). You should have a broadband connection to open them. Most of the files should be PDF documents so once opened you can save them to your local hard drive. You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Many of the photos aren’t oriented with north at the top. The point you click on the map should be somewhere on the photo though not necessarily near the center. Since many of these photo sets do not have overlap, the point you are looking for could be near an edge.


The ACMaps site contains a large amount of data giving the user more flexibility to display any data they want using Geocortex. The ACMaps site can now be accessed via two different viewers. One has more functionality and is for desktop browsers, while the other runs on mobile devices.

We recommend you bookmark this webpage or the links provided above, and not the actual webpage the links take you to. This is due to the fact that when an upgrade to the software occurs, the URL for the actual viewers will change. This webpage and the links above won’t change.